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Neal Lucas, MD of the executive search business, Neal Lucas Recruitment Ltd, continues to talk to the Directors behind some of Northern Ireland’s leading companies in this popular Ulster Business series. This month, Neal meets Philip Bain, Director of ShredBank.


The role: Director

The company: ShredBank

The person: Philip Bain


What markets do you operate in and what is your position in those markets at the moment?

We operate exclusively in Northern Ireland and we are the leading on-site shredding company in the province.


How have your markets changed over the years and why did you target these?

Over the years our markets have remained the same. We have an extensive client base across all sectors of the economy.


Our clients typically are organisations that generate confidential documents that require a secure and transparent method of destruction. We provide them with an on-site shredding service that destroys their confidential information at the client’s premises using our mobile shredding trucks.


What process do you use for strategy formulation?

We have a very well-refined business model that adapts to the ever constant changes in the business environment. 


What key attributes of your own leadership do you feel have been important in delivering on the strategy?

Being proactive and persistent!


What are the most important decisions you make as a business leader?

I think the most important decisions you make are those which will have an impact on people’s lives. Many years ago, in a previous company, I asked my managing director what was the secret of his success, and he told me “just do the right things.” I asked him to clarify and he replied “just do the right things.” There is simplicity with business and I think in every decision you make and everything you do, just try and “do the right things.”


What is your view on innovation and how does this fit into your strategy?

Innovation is crucial for sustainability and growth. We have recently introduced hard drive destruction to our service offering and product destruction. However, for me, innovation is not just about a new product development but it is being innovative in all areas of business including your marketing strategies, your corporate social responsibility initiatives and your people development policies.


How do you extract complementary skills from your team to enable strategic objectives to be delivered?

Just bring in the right people! Focus on getting people with good character, make sure they fit within the organisation, they are good team players and they have a great attitude with a passion and enthusiasm

to succeed.  


Do you have a definition of leadership and what is it?

Leadership is essentially two or more people trying to achieve a common goal. We tend to think of leaders as the heroic, charismatic, extrovert who are great communicators… but in reality those people are few and far between. If you define leadership as “two or more people trying to achieve common goals” then leadership is everywhere and the focus should be in developing leaders throughout the organisation rather than just the high maintenance few!


What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow as a business leader?

Keep listening and learning! 


Neal Lucas can be contacted on 028 9268 8818 connected with on LinkedIn or followed @NealLucasRec