If you are reducing the headcount within your business, either through volume redundancies or managing someone out of the organisation; you will want to give these individuals the best chance to secure a new job in the future by offering them an outplacement facility.

As your outplacement provider we help prepare those faced with losing their jobs for the job market through one of our programmes;

Outplacement Workshops
Workshops are best suited for volume redundancies and lower level staff and cover the following areas:

  • Accepting your situation
  • Where and how to look for jobs
  • Preparing the ideal CV
  • How to get an Interview  
  • Preparing for assessment centres
  • Career management
  • Understanding today’s job market
  • Completion of a psychometric test
  • Completing application forms
  • Understanding recruitment agencies
  • What to expect from the Job Centre






Workshops are normally complemented with a drop-in Job Clinic as part of a structured follow up where more individual or specific help and advice can be given.

One to One Sessions
Interview assistance:  General tips, Handling tough questions, Mock interview

  • CV Preparation and Review
  • Assistance with application forms
  • Skills development
  • Any other personal issues