Interim Management

There are many reasons why you may require an Interim Manager.

If your business needs temporary management cover or someone to deliver a specific project, or perhaps an individual to lead a new strategic initiative then we can help you find the best candidate, often at short notice.

These interim managers can be employed directly by us, contracted, or put onto your own payroll.

In Northern Ireland interim managers fall into two distinct categories;

  • the professional, full-time Interim Manager
  • the executive who is between jobs, but is keen to take on a temporary assignment

There are a number of reasons why interim management can be a positive solution for your business:

  • Speed: Interim managers can be in place within days, having an immediate effect and will be productive from day one.
  • Experience: Interim managers will be more than qualified for the position and have vast experience of similar challenges, minimising any risk and ensuring success.
  • Objectivity: Unencumbered by any previous involvement in company processes or internal politics, interim managers provide a fresh perspective and purely concentrate on what’s best for the business.

We are currently the preferred supplier to a number of organisations across private and public sector with regard their interim management needs.

Contact us today to discuss how interim management could be of use to you in your organisation.