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We are often asked what a good CV looks like, so we thought we would put our thoughts down on paper for you.

The simple answer is that; a good CV is one that firstly gets you into an interview and secondly ensures the employer is excited to meet with you, thereby putting you on the front foot when you meet.

Remember that a CV is your own personal selling brochure and it therefore imperative that you tailor the content depending on the role and/or employer to ensure that you are highlighting the most relevant areas of your skills and experience. Whilst the content should be tailored the structure will not need to change too much. You can download our complimentary CV template here to give you an idea of what we believe the key elements are.


Click on the image above to download our guide on how to srtucture your CV.

We have found that this will help the vast majority of people, however if you are applying for a specific role and require more in depth assistance with your CV, application form or interview, then please review our Outplacement services and we will be happy to help you further.