Market Update June 2019

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The Current Market State


The last couple of months have been very busy in the recruitment market. There was a degree of uncertainty in the market pre the initial Brexit date in March, however it would appear that companies were sitting on decisions as there was a significant upturn in activity as we moved into the new quarter and Brexit remained on the long finger.


Away from the political turmoil, organisations have really struggled to fill positions, which has meant many have needed to use our services to access the growing list of inactive and passive candidates. A couple of clients have told us that they have literally received zero applicants for some management jobs! You would normally expect to see at least a few applicants chancing their arm for a good opportunity, but even these people are staying where they are at the moment.

Market conditions such as this create real opportunities for candidates as companies will be forced into considering becoming more flexible on their requirements – if they are struggling to get numbers and ultimately quality involved in roles, they will have to expand their parameters or lower/broaden their requirements.

Perversely candidates who do find themselves on the market are telling us that they are getting rejected from roles and/or not even seeing significant volumes of opportunities. Whether this is a sign of a skills shift and some people are being left behind or have candidates had it too good for too long and are they flexible or mobile as they need to be?

For recruitment to be successful, both parties must understand and consider the others’ situation and requirements. If they can do this and make concessions where needed a positive outcome can be achieved for all concerned.