University of Ulster's Languages Department to Close

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It was recently announced that the University of Ulster’s school of modern languages would be closing, as a result of Stormont budget cuts.  All modern language and interior design courses will be scrapped and in addition 1,250 student places will go along with 210 jobs.  

Speaking on BBC Radio Ulster’s Talkback programme, recruitment expert Neal Lucas commented: “It is always disappointing to hear the news of job losses, in any sector, but especially in departments closely related to business. 

“However, I do believe that it is more preferable that these cuts happen to courses such as languages, as opposed to STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) subjects; the people on these courses are more likely to be the engineers, innovators and entrepreneurs of the future that will create real wealth and jobs for people in Northern Ireland. 

“I interview at management and director level and I regularly see people with a language based degree. There’s no doubt that there is more of a demand for STEM based candidates in the market and if UU have decided to focus on this then they should be applauded for it. 

“Language students are generally intelligent people and very often go on to enjoy successful careers in other areas.  On a social level they tend to have a perspective or outward view on life, which is something we could use a lot more of in Northern Ireland.” 

You can listen to the full BBC Talkback interview here